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Coupon code Email marketing campaigns by Geniebo. Turning Emails into Profits and Growth

Email coupons are wonderful; you can track their distribution right to the individual email recipient, shopper or consumer,  follow that shopper to your website,  and “see” the coupon being used, as detailed in your daily reports.  You can tell if your recipient passed the coupon savings along to their friends via email,  and of course,  the great deal you emailed to your subscribers will appear on some social network, which will prompt more website traffic for you.

Remember,  everyone likes a deal,  and that’s exactly what coupons offer.  There’s a certain shopper satisfaction in saving money;  getting the lower price,  finding the sale that your neighbor didn’t.  People enjoy using coupons.  Coupons offer buying power and for some who hate to see a sale slip by, a commitment to buy because “it’s a good deal” and it came directly to them.

With email coupons, you can offer these good deals to all of your email subscribers or to a selected  few.   In addition, the best part about using email coupon marketing:  these savings can be used by any sized company at any time with any budget.  With the proper shopping cart program,  a small company or large industry can effortlessly monitor the effectiveness of their coupon campaigns as most shopping cart programs can be configured to automatically apply the coupon offer or discount with the proper coupon code entered by the consumer.

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