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  • July 30, 2019
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Your marketing campaigns are the vehicles for connecting with your marketplace, to generate leads and sales, and to position you as that certain “something.”

Campaign copy and creative should always support your brand strategy and messages, even if you’re running a tactical lead generation campaign. They’re one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics in your marketing arsenal. If you want to see what your target market is thinking or doing, there are cutting edge tools using AI for market research and market intelligence that can help you better understand how to shape your campaign creative and messaging.

Market these days is driven by conversations. Due to various social networking websites, and even blogs, instead of believing in the messages telecast through various advertising networks, people tend to believe in what other people say. They talk to each other, they seek advice and they compare advantages and disadvantages before purchasing a particular product or service. They trust their friends, family members and colleagues more than they trust advertising and marketing professionals. They want to decide on their own rather than being told what to buy, and this is the greatest shift the world has witnessed in the field of business.

The best way of building such type of trust is bringing people to your website again and again and creating an environment where people come to your website on their own, knowing quite well why they are coming. But if people, right now, don’t come to your website to buy your products and services repeatedly and you need to bring them back multiple times (a sale rarely happens on the first visit) in order to convert them into paying customers and clients, what do you do? You spread your content on the Internet in various formats and then provide high-quality information on your own website when they come to you.

A positive sense of familiarity is the key component of inbound marketing. Provide timely and valuable content so that people begin to respect you, and create an environment that encourages two-way communication between you and your prospective customers and clients. The more they interact with you, the more they are exposed to your content, the more they come across your content on their friends’ timelines, the more they promote your content on their own timelines, the more they are able to trust you.

This can be achieved via targeted content marketing. 

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