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  • December 04, 2019
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Email Campaign Management

We will execute your email campaigns and interpret the results for you.

Launch Your Business to Greater Heights

With our powerful email marketing tools, we promote your businesses, engage them; and see your business grow.

No matter how big or small, every business talks to an audience to sell their products. If you don’t talk to your audience regularly, some other brand will. It won’t take long before your competitors turn your leads into their own customers.

People subscribing to your email newsletters have already consented for it. They can read it anywhere and at any time. Unlike paid ads, emails are not disruptive. This makes emails a much more receptive medium of marketing, with high acceptance among customers.

You can use emails to communicate different updates about your company. For example, (as of writing this guide) one of India’s newest electric vehicle startups, Ather Energy, is nearing the launch of its much-awaited electric scooter – the Ather S340. It is the most exciting electric moped out of India. It even has a digital dashboard with Google Maps integration so that users don’t get lost when navigating new cities.

When you think of it, Ather Energy doesn’t yet have anything to sell online (or offline!), and yet they have an active email list. They share updates of their product’s progress with alternative energy enthusiasts. These are Ather’s main target audience. These emails generate a good amount of awareness for the Ather brand – even before the launch of their first sellable product.

Emails enable personalized and precise one-on-one marketing communication

With advanced templates, you can add the receiver’s name in the subject line and in the email body. Depending on which email marketing provider you are using, you may even be able to customize whole paragraphs inside the email body according to the receiver’s persona.

All these features contribute to a more personalized email experience. With the help of marketing automation, this experience can be elevated even further. These systems are designed to keep track of where the customer is in the sales funnel. Their insights help you figure out the proximity of the prospect to a sale.

If the prospect is a lot closer to purchase, you can configure your email system to fire an email that triggers an immediate purchase. The tool won’t wait for the next email blast. No manual intervention is needed, and everything is tracked automatically. This allows your marketing team to focus on advanced tasks such as strategizing and planning.

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