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  • November 28, 2022
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Empowering Your Communication Strategies on AI-enabled Platform

By using voice-to-text features of AI, calls can be transcribed, and a dataset of telephone conversations and text communications can be stored in a single location. This is especially useful for a customer who has multiple interactions over Omni channels. Transcriptions could be a great help here because it would mean the executive has a complete history of the customer’s interactions over each channel – web, app, chat, email, telephone – and can provide better service.

Speed & efficiency

AI tools can transcribe telephone calls as they happen in real-time. It is known that a text search is always simple, easy, and fast. Tools can be employed to pick keywords, scour through mountains of data, and provide a prompt to the executive to address the customer’s issue. This not only reduces the call time but also gives the executive a more humane touch, by concentrating on just listening to the customer.

Most organizations have a database of frequent issues, and also have a model where solutions based on keywords are provided automatically. All AI is doing is getting trained, by arming itself with all of this data, to make the executive’s job easier.

Handling simple requests:

Over 60% of telephonic customer queries/complaints are simple, straightforward requests like order tracking, password resets, etc., which is why an IVR system came into being in the first place – to handle routine requests, the customer has to key in a choice from a list of pre-determined, most common requests, and the request is processed.

AI is smarter than the good old IVR, and so customers can experience faster and easier solutions to repetitive issues. What this in turn does is free up the resource’s skills to handle issues that are more complicated.

Huge untapped potential lies in the use of AI in cloud-based telephony. Leveraging this advantage is easy, and promises assured service quality improvement across all channels. The beauty of cloud-based computing is it’s available for all, a very accessible approach.

Most of it can be self-managed, depending on resources, the services of SEO companies in Hyderabad can be hired. Experience the magic of AI, and let it take your business to the clouds, quite literally.

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